MacOS Catalina User Manual - Gilbert Newman

MacOS Catalina User Manual

By Gilbert Newman

  • Release Date: 2019-11-03
  • Genre: Computers


After more than a decade of living in the shadow of the iPhone, the Mac is having a comeback year in 2019. At WWDC in June, Apple unveiled the next generation of Mac software -- MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

With the introduction of the macOS Catalina, there are more features to explore on your Mac such as the Sidecar that lets you use any recent iPad as a second screen. Catalina adds iOS-style features like Screen Time with enhanced parental controls, new dark mode, Apple Arcade, option to unsubscribe directly in the Mail app and lots more. It also replaces the classic iTunes app with its overloaded and confusing interface — with elegant new apps for music, podcasts, and TV.

This book is written in simple and clear terms with a step-by-step approach and with tips and tricks that will help you to master the new MacOS Catalina within the shortest period of time.

Inside you will discover These Topics: An overview of the new MacOS Catalina features. Getting Started with your MacOS Catalina: How to download and install macOS Catalina 10.15.1 beta 2 to your Mac, How to make an archived backup of your Mac with Time Machine, How to download the macOS Catalina developer beta, How to get started with the macOS Catalina developer beta. Apple Sidecar vs Duet Display indepth guide  How to use voice control How to use Screen Time How to share Screen Time on macOS across all devices, How to add a password to Screen Time, How to view app usage in Screen Time on macOS, How to schedule Downtime using Screen Time for macOS, How to set content and privacy using Screen Time for macOS The Music app for Mac How to use Apple Music in the Music app for Mac, How to manage general settings in the Music app, How to set up parental controls in the Music app; How to reset warnings in the Music app How to sync your iPhone and iPad with your Mac in macOS Catalina: How to sync movies between your iPhone or iPad on macOS Catalina, How to sync TV shows, How to sync podcasts, How to sync audiobooks, How to sync photos, How to sync files to your iPhone or iPad on macOS Catalina. Maximize the Podcasts app on Mac: How to play a podcast in the Podcasts app, How to search for a podcast, How to subscribe to a podcast, How to delete a podcast from your library, How to view the top charts in the Podcasts app The Apple TV app for Mac: How to watch a show or movie in the TV app, How to buy movies and TV shows, How to subscribe to channels, How to manage media files in the TV app Notes App on Mac: How to start a new note, How to invite others to collaborate on a note, How to reorder checklist notes in macOS Catalina, How to make a bulleted, dashed, or numbered list  Troubleshooting common problems: How to fix macOS Catalina download problems, How to fix macOS Catalina install problems, macOS Catalina is stuck on 'Setting Up Your Mac', How to fix macOS Catalina email problems, How to fix macOS Catalina mouse problems, How to fix macOS Catalina MacBook keyboard problems And so much more!Additional value for this book.
•       A well organized table of content that you can easily reference to get details quickly and more efficiently
•       Step-by-step instructions on how to operate your iPadOS 13 in the simplest terms.
•       Latest tips and tricks to help you maximize your iPad to the fullest
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