CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide - Vicki Murley

CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide

By Vicki Murley

  • Release Date: 2014-09-23
  • Genre: Internet
Score: 5
From 19 Ratings


"CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide" teaches you everything you need to know about adding animated effects to web pages. 

This book covers both CSS Transitions and CSS Animations, with interactive examples along the way that illustrate key concepts, illuminate details, and solidify understanding. You'll see how to define simple transitions in just a few lines of code, how to create complex animations by defining explicit keyframes, and you'll discover the best and most useful ways to integrate JavaScript. "CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide" also touches on the history of this technology, browser support, and web standards in general. Whether you're a relative beginner or a more experienced web programmer, you'll learn something new from this highly interactive book, and develop a complete understanding of the technology.


  • Aweome book!

    By Daniel Nisttahuz
    I was so anxious for the realse of this book, and I wasnt disappointed. Great book is great showing you some great examples of CSS transitions and animations. :-)
  • A must buy for web developer , designer

    By Sakti Chourasia
    The best book that i have ever seen about css (transition and animation) , The book is written in a such a manner that you are just designing the web in the book itself , it really fun reading this book as you can change the values during the time of reading change in result is shown in real time, I have also read the previous book , CSS Transform , and I will tell everyone if you are really like to write a better , not better the best web experince by simply using html and css , because now you dont need to wrtite a lot of javascript to do animation. A must buy for geeks who loves to code for web(specially the front end guys).
  • Breaks it down, makes it easy

    By BradyRope
    It’s tough to figure this stuff out… Looking at the specs results in a lot of tech-speak that’s hard to digest. I’d basically relegated myself to copying already-done examples. But with this guide I found I was able to parse it well enough to write my own from scratch. This guide will never leave my side.
  • Gorgeous, effective. Expectations exceeded.

    By jonowells
    Beautiful book. Like the author’s last book on transitions, hands down the most fun and efficient way to learn how to animate with CSS. This book is a confidence builder too. It trains your subconscious away from the notion that using CSS to create great web experiences is in any way difficult. It treats CSS authoring as true artistry.
  • A handy companion!

    By Timothy Hatcher
    Animation can be tricky, especially when you are declaring it in a written language. This book helps you see what you can do with the various language features. Even if you do this stuff everyday, you can’t go wrong with this helpful guide.